Sheree, I hope that you will have a little breather before prepping for next years pageant.  Thank you for all that you do.  Regarding the pageant work that you did for all of us,  thank you, thank you, thank you!  It helped me in many ways!!  Mrs. Capital City 

Sheree, I hope all is well and that you have recovered from all the hard work you put into making the NM pageant fabulous. I had a wonderful time  Thanks for the fun pageant memories!
Mrs. Santa Fe County 

Testimonials & FAQ
Sheree, You are a stellar Director! Mrs. Central NM 

Sheree, Thank you for all that you did for me while I prepared for the pageant and during 
pageant. weekend. You are the BEST Director. Mrs. Carlsbad 

I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the pageant experience!  Growing personally was one of the greatest gifts I got out of it.  Sheree you are so sweet and thoughtful. Mrs. Bloomfield 

Sheree, Thanks for all your help. I could not reach this lifetime dream without you. All of your support and help has made this the best experience ever. I feel you truly are as wonderful as your Queens say. best wishes Mrs. Northern NM 

Sheree, Thank you yet again for a wonderful pageant and making all of us contestants feel like a queen for the weekend.  The spa evening was a lot of fun and the weekend was a wonderful way to get to know some amazing married women from all over New Mexico. Mrs Santa Fe County  .
Do I need pageant experience?
Absolutely not! Many of the contestants have not competed in a pageant before and have won the Mrs. New Mexico America crown on their first attempt and others have competed more than once. Winning the Mrs. New Mexico title is about being yourself and being the best you can be! Anyone can win the crown!  As the State Director,  I am here to go over wardrobe, practice interview skills, walking and/or discuss any questions you may have. We at the Mrs. New Mexico Pageant are here for you! 

Does my age or height affect if I will win?
No, there are no requirements for age or height. Mrs. New Mexico contestants have ranged  in age from 19- 59 and have varied in heights from 4’9” to 5’11”. 

I do not have any children, are having children a requirement?
It is not a requirement whether or not you have children. There have been Mrs. New Mexico and 
Mrs. America winners who did not have children.

Is talent a part of the competition?
There is no talent competition. There are three areas of competition: evening gown, swimsuit (one piece and pantyhose are recommended) and interview.  

Is there a fee to enter?
Yes there is an entry fee. We encourage you to obtain sponsorships to cover all your pageant expenses so you should not have to pay for any costs out of your personal finances. Sponsors love to help and they receive recognition in the official program book.  Your community will be honored to offer support, after all you are representing them in the Mrs. New Mexico Pageant! If you need tips on how to obtain sponsors, we have helpful instructions, just give us a call. 
As the new Mrs. New Mexico, do I win a prize package?
The winner of the Mrs. New Mexico crown will win a prize package valued at over $8,000 including the official Mrs. New Mexico crown, sash, an all expense paid trip to the national Mrs. America Pageant,  skin care products, official photo shoot , makeup, jewelry, and much more.

Why should I enter the Mrs. New Mexico Pageant?
The Mrs. New Mexico Pageant is the preliminary to the Mrs.  America Pageant, the premier pageant and only nationally televised pageant for married women. Competing for the title is an incredible and once in a lifetime experience. It is a time to pamper yourself, of self- discovery and meeting new friends. Join in on the fun, complete  your application today and become a part of the Mrs. New Mexico Pageant family!   

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Frequently Asked Questions
CThe Official State Preliminary Pageant to Mrs. America
Live the Dream...
Is  community service required?
You are not judged on community service work. The Mrs. New Mexico Pageant feels that married women contribute to the community by virtue of the many roles they carry.  

It was so much fun again this year! I am proud that I got best in evening gown....this pageant has turned me into this confident woman, I didn't know existed. I am not giving up! I will see you all again next year Mrs. Ruidoso 

Sheree I am the happiest 4th runner up in the WORLD! Thank you for ALL your hard work and being the BEST director EVER! Needless to say I WILL be back next year! Mrs. Albuquerque

Dear Sheree, It was great weekend and life worth experience, thank you for everything, you are amazing. Hope to see you again. Mrs Roswell